Giridhar Chandrasekar

One of the questions which people often ask me is “What do I really do for a living?”. I find it quite difficult to explain my job description in lay man terms.

Me: “I am an Usability Analyst”

They: Usable what?

Me: I am an User Experience Design Analyst

They: mmmhm… what is that?

Me: I am an Application Architect

They: What platform?

Me: I design the User Interaction of a web or mobile applications. Platform independent.

They: Ah! so you are a web designer.

When its any other software profession, its sort of easy to make people understand it. You just say “I am a software engineer” and there ends the conversation. But in my case its not easy for people outside my domain to comprehend the nature of work I do. Even guys in the software industry can’t get it. So I finally end up telling them the big story and the layman version of it gets the attention and shuts up the remaining conversation. It goes like this.

Version 1: I am like an architect for a building. I tell them which component goes where and explain why that component is most usable in that particular position. How humans interact with that component. What are the specifications of the layout. How is the layout presented and so on. From there, the engineers and masons take up the design and start building the house. So I do the same for any portal, web application or mobile application.

Version 2: I am like a designer for a car. I tell the size, dimensions, color and location of each spare part that goes into the car hood or the car interior. I also tell them what the car must look like from the outside. To do this, I speak to the prospective customers and get their expectation. Then I design a model car. I test it with the customers to see if that meets their expectations. Then I design the final car and give it to the production guys to manufacture it. After the car is released into the market I again speak to the customer and get their feedback to make improvements in the next version of the car.

People like the story and the moment the realize the importance of my role the conversation ends there. I am happy that I have confused one more person along the way. Hope I have confused you too. I intend to share some of my work here.

Apart from my profession, I am a film buff and i like to travel a lot. I love my planet and always ready to extend a helping hand to make it a better place for all of us. A total techno freak and I love owning, speaking and learning about Gadgets. I have a special love for mobiles. I review mobiles, test and recommend mobile and mobile applications.

I am on a journey to master Photography, following the steps of my grandfather K Ramachandran. He is a renowned photographer, a self-taught man and a great source of Inspiration for me. This site will have a few of my selected photographic work. I would appreciate your constructive comments on them and that will help me learn and get better with every click.

I have my presence is most of the famous social networks around, apart from this personal blog.

That was all about me, now continue ploughing my site and share your views. Get in touch with me.

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