Android L – a.k.a – Lollipop is now official


Lollipop Forest

Its official, Android 5.0, codenamed L will be called Lollipop. The naming is not a surprise and frankly I like (lick) it. The mountain view campus is getting the large 10 foot lollipop installation as you are reading this. Android 5.0 is the 13th major version release and the first phone to ship with the Lollipop out of the box would be the Nexus 6. Later it will be shipped with the new Nexus tablet and subsequently the Nexus 5, 7 and 10 along with Android One devices and the Google Play edition (GPE) will get it. Though Android Kitkat was targeted to run on low cost devices, the Android Lollipop will complete that vision. It could be made capable to run on devices with memory as low as 512 MB. Also the Android’s new material design language takes off with the Lollipop. Android L will also give the devices a new notification system that appears on the lockscreen and also offers better user controls on the notification. The DALVIK runtime will now be completely replaced by ART and also there will be considerable improvement in the battery management system. Android L will also have ¬†5,000+ new APIs for developers¬†play around with.

Lollipop also promises to make the Android user experience consistent across devices ranging from smartphones, TV to watches whilst they are running on the Android L.

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