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The mobile market has seen the most number of new smartphone launches this year than any other year, comparatively. India is the largest importer of Smartphones in the world and over 50% of the mobiles imported in the Q2 of 2015 were smartphones. It is also a known fact that almost 80% of the smartphones imported are mid-range mobiles in the price range of Rs 8k to Rs 12k. These mobiles are rich on features and have attractive price tags. But these device may not have the best of the hardware and still they could be good mobile models to own. With Android smartphones, there is always a fear of degrading performance over the period of usage. The reason could be un-optimized memory utilization, heavy apps running on the background or it could be some virus or threat sitting very quietly in the mobile.

360 Total Security Lite

360 Total Security Lite is an app owned by Qihoo 360 of China. You may also recall their recent launch of Qiku Terra 808 in India. The 360 Total Security app has three primary features. It can clear your cache (temporary storage),. close apps consuming memory and scan the device for potential security threats and viruses. Clean Master is a popular app in India to clear cache and free up RAM, but it does not offer virus protection. Xiaomi’s MIUI and Lenovo’s Vibe UI has all these features baked into the ROM as native application features. If you don’t have devices running MIUI or Vibe UI, you would find the 360 Total Security Lite app to be an effective solution to protect your mobile and enhance its performance.

360 Total Security Lite

The 360 Total Security Lite app has three sections in the user interface. The Boost section scans the mobile for apps running in the background which are consuming memory or draining battery. One tap closes these apps and optimizes the mobile for faster performance. The Clean section cleans the device memory of junk and residual files with a single button. The Antivirus section scans the smartphone for privacy and malware related threats. The virus database is updated regularly. The app works with the OS and scans for apps that loads on boot and stops unnecessary apps from loading.

The app is very easy to use. It works on a single click and leaves out the unwanted details from the presentation layer. It loads fast and feels light weight as it does not consume much of your mobile’s system resources (RAM/Memory). You can also enabled the notification toggle which includes a one touch boost feature along with a few utilities like alarms, torch, etc. If you have these features in the mobile already, don’t bother to download this app. Features that are baked into the ROM always work better than 3rd party application. This app is recommended for anyone who don’t have the features in their mobile, the mobile is running slow and lacks good performance. This app can also improve the battery consumption on your mobile. If you are looking for a light weight app that can protect your mobile without consuming much of system resource, the 360 Total Security Lite app is the right solution and it is free to download.

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