Cool 3rd party cases for the new Google Nexus 9

The origami case for the new Nexus 9, is the only official case from Google. It is listed at Rs 2900 in the Indian Google play store. This is the only official accessory we know the pricing so far. We are yet to hear about the keyboard attachment.


Let us look at some of the other cases that were made available by 3rd party vendors.

Poetic Slimline Series

Available in multiple colors, the Poetic Slimline is the best designed case for Nexus tablet. I use the poetic slimline with my Nexus 7 and I can say that it is very durable and stylish. It is also very cheap and available in Amazon for 10$ including shipping in the US.


Poetic GraphGrip Series

While the Poetic Slimline series is a flip cover, there are other options available from Poetic which are TPU rubber sleeves. The Poetic Graphline series is very stylish and provides ample grip. It also covers the tablet from all sides and provides comfortable padding around it for safety. It is also priced at 10$ including shipping to the US.


Poetic Revolution Series

If you are too much concerned about dropping your device, then Poetic revolution is the right choice. It provides two layers of protection, inner polycarbonate shell and outer TPU skin. It also includes a screen protector. Priced at $15 it is the most pricey and the safest choice for the Nexus 9 so far.


IVSO Ultra-Thin Slim Smart Cover Case

Another case similar to the Official Nexus smart cover, is the IVSO Ultra slim smart cover case. It protects the device and at the same time retains the aesthetic apeal. It is priced at $10 in Amazon. It is available in 16 color choices.


ProCase Nexus 9 Case

The procase case for Nexus 9 is not very stylish, but it is highly functinal. It provides added grip to hold the device at the back and also comes with a stylus. It is made of leatherlike material and looks sturdy. It is priced at $13 in Amazon and does not ship to India.


ProCase SlimSnug Case

Very similar to the Poetic slimline, the SlimSnug case from Procase offer tri fold flip cover protection for the Nexus 9. It is also priced at $10 including shipping and it makes it very difficult to choose between them.


HOTCOOL Google Nexus 9 Case

The HotCool case is yet another case for the Google Nexus. It is made of polyurethane cover with smooth matte texture. It is a dual fold flip cover and protects the device on all sides. It is priced at $13 including shipping in the US.


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