Cyanogen OS devices to come with integrated TrueCaller app

Everytime the mobile rings and there is a new number calling you, you pick up the phone with a question in your mind. The question is not who is calling, but should you pick up the call or not. Well, Google solved that problem to a an extent by integrating its business directory with the dialler app in Android. But that just works for certain commercial callers. TrueCaller is the app that wanted to fill the gap and give the power to every user. But to get the power, you will have to give your information. You can also mark a number as spam and even block numbers with TrueCaller. Though TrueCaller claims that its database is secure, there has been incidents in the past that says otherwise.

As for Cyanogen, it has grown rapidly from a custom ROM to a startup that calls the shots around these days. There are a lot of devices coming up later this year with CyanogenOS built in. TrueCaller has announced that it has tied up with Cyanogen to integrate its app into the devices. Instead of being an app, the integration will make TrueCaller a native feature. However the user will have the option to opt out of the service, if not comfortable. If you haven’t tried TrueCaller and would like to give it a spin, download it from the Google Play Store.

SOURCE: Truecaller | Android Police



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