Facebook launched “Facebook Lite” in India and Philippines

Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite.

Vijay Shankar, Product Manager for Facebook Lite, interacting with bloggers and media at the launch event in Bangalore

Apparently a large portionĀ of the Indian population are still stuck on 2G network and Facebook study reveals that this number will not drastically change in the next couple of years. But Facebook has become a household name. Everyone who has a smartphone has the Facebook app installed inspite of the slow connectivity. You can still use the mobile web application to access the Facebook via browser, but that does not sync with your device and does not offer notifications. So Facebook decided to launch the Facebook Lite. With the Facebook lite, much of the heavy weight lifting is done at the server side and the client side feels very light. In layman’s terms, the Facebook lite is highly optimized to handle most of the process. The app by itself is just 430 kb in size. This light weight app give you all the functionality of a Facebook app, except for videos. You cannot upload or watch videos with the Facebook Lite. It is targeted at an audience who have a weak or patchy internet connection on their mobiles. But in my mind, it makes sense for most of us. The resource heavy Facebook app can be easily replaced by the Facebook lite for most of the task.

The Facebook mobile app does not have the messenger app integrated it with, but the Facebook Lite app has the messenger features inbuilt. It is currently available to download from the Google Play store. It is launched in India and Philippines. Soon the other countries will also get it. It is now available for Android, and Facebook has not revealed any plans to roll it to the other platforms.


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