My thoughts on the Lenovo Vibe X3

Lenovo Vibe X3 has proved to be a popular mobile in demand. It is not often that Lenovo launches a flagship device and this time, the Vibe X3 proved to be quite a surprise entry into the flagship arena. The Vibe X3 is not all about specification, but it more of experience. Lenovo has put in a lot of effort to make the Vibe X3 appeal to a wide range of audience. Specifically, the audiophile crowd will be attracted to this device. It would also appeal to anyone who wants a good camera mobile and also a great looking device. I did talk about the Vibe X3 in detail, in my elaborate review at

You can check my thoughts on the Vibe X3 in my video review here.

What I liked the most about the Lenovo Vibe X3

  • It has a cool design with its metal rim and matte finished quality plastic body
  • The images from the camera had a dramatic feel to it. I appreciate the depth of focus and color levels that this camera can deliver.
  • The dedicated audio chips for voice, hifidelity and low fidelity audio, just drove me insane.
  • Battery life on the Vibe X3 deserves a standing ovation
  • All this for just Rs 19999

What I did not like about the Lenovo Vibe X3

  • Fingerprint sensor wakes the screen only when locked and not when the display is just asleep
  • Lenovo UI is still running on top of Android 5.0. When do we see the light of Marshmallow?
  • RGB colors were a bit over saturated

Overall, the pros, outweigh the cons and the Vibe X3 stays on top of my recommended flagship device to buy and to own. Check out the camera samples below (Video and Still images)

If you are impressed and interested in buying it, you can check it out and check out at Amazon


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