MI3 sold in ebay for 2.26 Lakhs ($3716)

A friend of mine spotted the Xiaomi MI3 being sold for Rs 226000 in ebay. It was sold through ebay bidding process and the bidding was closed at Rs 226000. We are not sure about the authenticity of this sale, but if it was a genuine bidding and the bidder actually pays and gets the device, then there is no nuts equal to him/her on this planet.

mi3 for 3000$

We know that you can get an iPhone 6 for around Rs 100000 ($2000), through unofficial channels and clearly we can say that the craze among users for smartphones is exponentially increasing every day. In case of Xiaomi MI3, Xiaomi has successfully created a hype around this device with its flash sale. Xiaomi MI3 is discontinued temporarily in India, and the users who have managed to buy them can consider themselves lucky. Buying a Xiaomi mobile from Flipkart is sometimes termed as “a successful win”, rather than a successful buy.

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Thanks to Selvaganapathy for spotting this!

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