[MWC16] Cyanogen Mods has a vision beyond Apps

Cyanogen is one of my favorite Android custom ROMs. From being an unofficial custom ROM for rooted Android mobiles, Cyanogen has come a long way to be an official operating system on mobiles out of the box. The Cyanogen OS is the primary reason for success of devices like the OnePlus One. I own an OnePlus One. The recent update in OnePlus One, integrated TrueCaller app as a native feature in the mobile. You can also install a TrueCaller app, but there is nothing compared to the experience of a native feature. Apps always feels aloof and this Mods initiative from Cyanogen aims to bake the apps as features withing the operating system.

mods cyanogen

With the latest version, Cyanogen OS 13, Cyanogen plans to roll out the mods feature. So far there are 6 apps that Cyanogen has baked into the OS 13. TrueCaller, Social lock screen, Skype, Cortana, OneNote and Hyperlapse. Cyanogen is planning to include more apps as mods in its OS and this initiative will attract OEMs and hardware brands to partner with Cyanogen.

All these apps can be installed in a mobile as standalone apps. But integrated experience is much better. Not many ROMs or UI skins has taken this approach. To add a feature, the ROMs usually write their own code and implement it. But leveraging on the existing popular apps is a great idea. TrueCaller in OnePlus One, is tightly baked into the dialer, active call screen and call logs. Having used the TrueCaller in my OnePlus one, now am eager to get the OS 13 update which will have Skype, Cortana and OneNote within the mobile. With Microsoft’s investment in Cyanogen, we can clearly see that it is pushing all of Microsoft products as features within the Cyanogen OS. The agenda is clear, but if the experience is good, why not? The alliance between Cyanogen and Microsoft is starting to pay off.



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