Nillkin Protection case vs Nokia Wireless charging case for Nokia Lumia 925

Nokia Lumia 925 is a beautifully crafted device. It aluminium edges and thin form factor add to its aesthetics. The aluminium edges, unlike polycarbonate material, is prone to dents if you drop them accidentally. This device needs protection from all sides. My hunt for a good protection case yielded two results.

The Nillkin protection case is very much similar to the Lumia 1020 protection case, which we discussed in my post earlier. It protects the device at the back and on the sides. It also offers significant protection to the edges, but it fails to protect the bottom and top. The cut outs for the buttons and camera slots are neatly spaced out. The textured back adds style and grip to the case. The case doesn’t add to the thickness and at the same time it does not offer dual layer protection like the Amzer case. The Amzer case makes the lumia 925 look big and ugly. You will have to compromise on the aesthetics or the protection. I can never compromise on the aesthetics, hence my choice is the Nillkin Protection case for the Lumia 925.

Nokia has also made a wireless charging case for the Lumia 925 model. The Lumia 925 does not have wireless charging capability out of the box. You will have to add a charging shell to give it that functionality. The┬áNokia Lumia 925 Wireless Charging Shell CC-3065 is expensive, but it offers some protection and the ability to charge your Lumia 925 wirelessly. It protects only the back and the corners. It does not protect the sides. There is not cut out for the speaker grill, which is placed at the back. When the case is on, the speaker is muffled. Purely from the protection point of view, I wouldn’t recommend this case. But if you need wireless charging, this is the case for you.

Check out the video below for the comparison between both these cases.

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