Nokia and the X factor

Being a huge fan of Nokia mobiles, I have always felt that Nokia must make Android Mobiles and nothing else. Nokia is the first company to introduce operating system based Mobile devices. It all started with the Symbian and then there was MeeGo for a while and both faded into the thin air. The world of iOS and Android was looming dark cloud over Nokia and they had a choice to go with Android as an OS in their device. But they choose to experiment with Windows. Windows isn’t bad either, but the rate of adoption and market share isn’t doing any good for the numbers. But Nokia continued to excel at what they do the best: Design. Their design and consideration of human interaction factors in the physical product design has truly raised the bars for others in the market. Still that wasn’t enough for people to jump back to Nokia and Microsoft took over Nokia and the acquisition may be complete sometime this year.

Now Nokia has dared another experiment and have come out with their Android powered devices. You really cannot call it a complete Android device, because it is a highly customized version or the forked version of Android in these Nokia devices. Nokia is calling these devices as the X series. Currently there are 3 Low to Mid end devices in this series. The Nokia X, X+ and the XL.

All these dual SIM devices run on Android JellyBean completely twisted and forked. Google services are not available on these devices. The UI resembles the famed Metro UI from Microsoft. It also has some of the Asha series DNA, like the Fast Lane. Though the Google play store is not available on the device, you can still side-load .apk files to the device and run almost every Android application on it. The device comes pre-loaded with a lot of applications, predominantly the ones which use Microsoft service like the One Note, Skype, Office, etc… Also the physical appearances and the color choices resemble the Asha line-up, esp the 500 series. To me these devices don’t pose a threat to any Android device, but it is a possible threat to the low end Lumia devices like the 520 or the 525.

Again, I would consider them as one of  many Nokia’s experiments. In my personal opinion, Nokia must have gone the Android way, long ago. It is too late for them for such an experiment. But still there is hope in this experiment. Nokia must find a way to keep the X series alive and must introduce high end devices and also make Google Play store co-exist with their own app store. However the bigger question here is, Will Microsoft allow Nokia to continue the X series after the completion of the acquisition?

Check out the specifications and compare the X-series here.



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