OLED display on the new Zeiss Lens for Sony A7 series

A few weeks back, I was at the Sony’s event in Bangalore where they launched the new Sony Full Frame mirrorless camera A7 M2, the world’s first full frame mirror-less camera with 5 axis image stabilization. The A7 series of mirror-less full frame cameras are definitley a promising range of offerings from Sony. Though you can mount practically any lens, the E mount lenses are fast focusing and have a wider focusing area on these cameras. The E mount lenses are not cheap and are available on a limited range as on date. New E mount lenses are being made available.

zeiss batis

The Batis lens from Zeiss is a new German engineering marvel that is made available for the Sony Full frame range of mirror-less cameras. The new ZEISS Batis 2/25 and 1.8/85 lenses will be available from July 2015. The sport an innovative OLED display on the lens. Yes, you read me right! ON THE LENS. The analogue depth of field scale is now replaced with a OLED display on these lenses. These displays do not offer any new feature, but a “wow” factor. I can call myself a professional photographer, if I may and since the last 5 years of handling pro grade equipment, I have rarely peeped into the depth of focus scale. I remember using it once to set the focus to infinity during a star gaze photography trail.A7M2


DSLRs are known for their robust battery life because they don’t have many electronic functions. The Sony A series is plagued with battery issues already and this feature will be another reason for the drain. Zeiss is known for their superior optics and they must stick to it. There is a thin grey line separating a gadget and an equipment. While the camera can be a gadget, the lens is an equipment and not necessarily a gadget.




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