OnePlus Bamboo StyleSwap Cover is now available in India

OnePlus Bamboo StyleSwap

Finally it is here! TheĀ OnePlus Bamboo StyleSwap Cover is now available in India for a limited time introductory price of Rs 1499. The OnePlus one is available in Sandstone Black for the 64 GB version and Silky White for the 16 GB version. Now if you have been a proud owner of either of these devices, you can go ahead and get a new look for your OPO for Rs 1499. The Bamboo StyleSwap cover was like an unicorn and it was not available freely much like the OnePlus One itself. The Bamboo cover was available in the US and Europe on an Invite based system earlier. It is priced at $50 in the OnePlus international website. Now that the Oneplus One mobile has got rid of the Invite based system, and we are looking out for OnePlus 2 around the horizon. At this critical juncture, you have two choices. Upgrade to OnePlus 2 or change the look of your OnePlus 1. While we are waiting on the details of OnePlus 2, OnePlus has made the Bamboo back cover available in India and that too for half the price. We are not sure if the price will stay on still the stocks last, but I would definitely advice you to get this cover at this price.

OnePlus Bamboo StyleSwap

Once you have got the cover, it is not straight forward to swap the cover. You will have to be very careful while removing your existing back cover. Once that is removed, replacing the new cover is pretty simple.

OnePlus Bamboo StyleSwap

The Bamboo StyleSwap Cover is a meticulously designed piece of accessory that will make a strong style statement. Go ahead and grab the Bamboo StyleSwap cover for your OnePlus for Rs 1499 at Amazon India.


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