What could be the success factors for OnePlus 3?

OnePlus, when they came into the limelight with their first mobile model, CyanogenOS was their biggest USP. The OnePlus One became an overnight success across all the launch countries. But the story was different with OnePlus Two. OnePlus Two had OxygenOS running on top of Android, out of the box. OxygenOS is a clean skin with minimal interface modification on the stock android. But the OxygenOS has a lot of bugs and it was not as reliable and stable as CyanogenOS. CyanogenOS also did have its huge list of bugs, but the rate at which the bugs got was high. Though CyanogenOS did not change the interface drastically, it still had innovative features and OxygenOS lacked that innovation. That is the story so far and let’s look into the future and try to come up with a success formula for OnePlus 3.


OnePlus has to look into the success story of its OnePlus One and learn a thing or two from OnePlus Two. OnePlus One had a design which no other phone in the market had it at that time. It was totally a unique design and choice of material. These days every single mobile looks the same. This has to change and OnePlus has the potential to change it. I am seeing some leaked images of the OnePlus 3 and they hint metal body construction. Metal is definitely elegant. The HTC One which had the first unibody metal chassis is still a unique design. Just using metal in the construction does not make a mobile sturdy. We all saw how the Xiaomi Mi5 broke like a biscuit, though it is made of metal and we all know the iPhone bendgate case. So the OnePlus 3 must have a solid and sturdy construction without compromising on design elegance.

According to @evleaks, OnePlus 3 will have Snapdragon 820 and 64 GB of storage. That is good news, but we still don’t know about RAM. There is a possibility of the 64 GB variant having 6GB of RAM. Performance is the key and RAM does not matter beyond a point. OnePlus 3 must run as fast as a Bolt of lightning without any overheating issues.

The leaks also hint that the OnePlus may be running on Android N out of the box. While this may seem like a good news, it could turn out to be a deal breaker for the sales numbers on the long run. Though running on the latest version sounds attractive, running on a stable and bug-free platform is the practical need. OnePlus must resolve all the bugs on OxygenOS and come up with a clean and bug free user experience. In a nut shell, get rid of the bugs.

Innovation is the key to success of any brand or product. If the OnePlus 3 has a minimum of one feature that is innovative and never seen in any mobile before, it will be a sure shot success. Improving on existing feature and making it better is not innovation. A completely new mind-blowing innovation is what OnePlus 3 needs to stay in the race.

Pricing is another crucial factor. The age of burning investors’ money is gone. The investors need their money back and they want it fast. So we cannot expect mobiles to be priced with a cut-throat price tag. I am sure that the OnePlus 3 will be priced at around $400 or slightly more than that when it comes to India. But if OnePlus makes a mobile worthy of its price tag, the market with embrace OnePlus 3 and make it a rousing success.


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