Oneplus Power bank to be available from March 17th

Oneplus Powerbank

Its not uncommon to see mobile users lugging along a powerbank these days. The more smarter phone becomes, the more power they consume. Yet there are really smart phones which consume power smartly. If all phones are that smart, then who will be able to sell these power banks?

Lets park that thought aside and look at the possibility of buying a good power bank for your gadgets. The Xiaomi Mi Powerbank came into the market with its 10400 mAh, 5400 mAh and the super slim 5000 mAh batteries. Prior to these devices, quality power banks were an expensive affair. Now the power bank manufactures have started facing the heat and are coming out with quality products at affordable price.


Back in December 2014, Oneplus too got onto this bandwagon and announced the Oneplus powerbank for $15. The product was listed as “Coming soon” for over 3 months and now finally we have a date for its release. Oneplus has hinted in its official social media channels that the Oneplus Power bank will be available from March 17th. We are not sure if it will be available in India as well.

The Oneplus powerbank has a 10000 mAh capacity and two USB 5V 2 A port. It will be available in both Sandstone black and Silk white finish to suit your Oneplus One. It definitely is stylish, but we will have to see if it matches the performance of Xiaomi Mi Powerbanks.




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