Oneplus Two may have a 13 MP camera, and everything we know

Practically out of thin air, this company OnePlus has taken the world by a storm. The OnePlus one was titled the flagship killer and I must admit that it has managed to draw gruesome blood in the battle. OnePlus has spoilt the consumers to an extent that not many feel like spending a fortune on flagship devices anymore. Now it has been a year since the OnePlus One was launched. People have been ranting about its invite-based system, but still it has worked hugely in favor of OnePlus . With nothing much to spend on marketing budget, the Invite system has managed to do the talking. After about a year OnePlus ditched the Invite system and that indicated the arrival of the next generation model from OnePlus.

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OnePlus has strategically adopted a marketing ploy, where they reveal details of OnePlus Two gradually. While this has managed to get the #Hype for OnePlus, it has also kept the interest levels high among tech pundits. People are constantly talking about the OnePlus Two and many are waiting with their wallets on amber, ready to get their hands on this device, while they practically know very little about it. So it is actually the success of OnePlus One, that is going to fuel the sales of OnePlus Two. Here is what we know about the OnePlus Two.

  1. It is going to be called the OnePlus Two, ofcourse no points for guessing. There are rumors suggesting that the OnePlus Two will be available in 2 or 3 variants. But we know for sure that one of the model number is A2001.
  2. One of the major reasons for the success of the OnePlus One is the Cyanogen OS. Later OnePlus introduced its own operating systems, the Oxygen and the Hydrogen OS. While these ROM variants were not as popular or powerful as the Cyanogen OS, we will have to bid adieu to Cyanogen OS in OnePlus Two. OnePlus Two will come with Oxygen OS, build on Andoid 5.1.1, out of the box.
  3. The OnePlus Two is be powered by a Snapdragon 810 v2.1. Oneplus claims that this version of the chipset has solved the heating issues. We will have to wait and see.
  4. The OnePlus Two will have a 4 GB LPDDR3 RAM.
  5. The Oneplus Two will be sold on its usual channels, but on a invite-based system. While this may be disappoint to a few, OnePlus has assured that there will be plenty of invites as they have beefed up their production line.
  6. The OnePlus Two will be the first mobile to sport the USB-C port. The USB Type-C Specification 1.0 has a reversible-plug connector for USB devices.
  7. With the improved support for fingerprint scanners in Android, OnePlus is bringing fingerprint security system with the OnePlus Two.
  8. OnePlus Two will not be a cheap smartphone like the One. However Carl Pei has promised to keep the price below $450 which is roughly Rs 28500.
  9. It is going to be smaller than the OnePlus One.
  10. Finally the OnePlus Two could possibly have a 13 MP camera. MKBHD posted a shot from the OnePlus Two on his Google Plus page and this reveals a bunch of details about the camera. But then as we suggested earlier, there could be a couple of variants of the OnePlus Two and they could have different camera configurations. Also, the picture that was shot, could have been shot with the settings reduced to 13MP resolution. Update: MKBHD revealed a bit more about the camera in this video and he says that it has a F/2.0 aperture and laser assisted auto-focus.

Also the Oneplus Two will be launched globally on July 27. The event would be hosted in a Virtual reality environment and all you have to do is to grab a VR cardboard to watch the event. The official Oneplus VR cardboard is priced at Rs 99 + shipping in Amazon. I am as excited as you and can’t wait to get my hands on device, the OnePlus 2.



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