Pre-order Oneplus one + surprises


If there is one thing the the Oneplus one mobile is being widely criticized for, that would be the Invite system. Well, the wait is over. Now you will be able to get your hands on the flagship killer without an invite. You don’t have to be asking around in forums or buying invites off shady ebay sellers, anymore. You can now pre-order your oneplus one on October 27 at 15:00 GMT (20:30 IST) for one hour only. The window is small, but you can prepare your pre-order now including adding accessories to the cart and filling in the shipping details and hopefully at the appointed time you will be able to place the pre-order.

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Speaking of accessories, we have a few surprises here. Apart from the regular flip case, clear case, snapon case, screen-guard we now have HD screen-guard in matte and clear finish listed in the pre-order page. Also there is tampered glass screen protection which is listed for $11. The JBL E1+ and the Piston earphones, which have been listed as “coming soon” so far will also be available to order along with your mobile on those days.

Screenshot 2014-10-20 23.12.53

A maximum of 2, can be ordered for item. Yes, you can pre-order 2 oneplus one, and p.j. that doesn’t make is oneplus two.


Head over here, and prepare your pre-order.

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