Exciting New Picasa 3 Beta

Google released an update for the image management software Picasa sometime ago. I didn’t know about the update until I opened the software after a long gap. It was a pleasant surprise. This upgraded version is Picasa 3 beta. You can download Picasa 3 beta for free from www.picasa.google.com. Let me give an overview of its new and improved feature list.

The Picasa Image Viewer is one of the first improvements that will strike you on the first run. It integrates into the windows shell and opens up the images for preview. The menu graphics is awesome and gives the Mac cover flow feel.

Its syncs with the picasa web album seamlessly. You will be able to automatically sync all basic fixes and edits, new or deleted photos, and changes in captions, tags or geotags. Geotags is another cool feature. If you have Google earth installed in your PC, you can geotag the photos.

The remix features have been enhanced. You now have a wide range of option to make image collages. Movies can also be made out of the images with text and audio playback. The movie created by Picasa can be directly uploaded to your YouTube account as well.

The new tool for retouching your images is really cool. You can get rid of your pimples, blemishes and dark spots in the photos using this relatively simple tool. The image fix panel has undergone a few changes and has included some new preset option. Text tool is noteworthy. You can add watermarks or captions to your photos using this text tool. The screenshot tool excites as well. You can integrate Picasa with your Printsceen key and capture screenshot. You can also capture images and videos from your webcam.

Importing images from memory cards and camera is a lot faster. Search feature has got a major uplift. This includes a filter option as well. You can actually select images which has faces with a click of a button. Picasa 3 beta is under a major metamorphosis to transfer from being a image manager to an integrated image editor.

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