Frank Martin loosens up

Transporter 3 has got the Transporter Frank Martin to change and loosen up.

  1. He was so strict about his rules like No Names, No opening the package. We see him break one of his rules in the previous movies. But in this movie, he breaks all of them.
  2. He tries to socialize with his passenger and gets pushed off. Usually its the other way around.
  3. Emotionally he gets involved with his package. He falls for her and makes love too.
  4. He smiles. He laughs.
  5. He is wobbly and all loosened up. So unlike Frank Martin.

Transporter 3 is packed with high octane action. Though none of the action sequences are logical, it feels good, at times, to watch mindless action movies.

gAdvice: Skip the theatre, if you could get a good copy.
gRate 3/5

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