mad scientist IGOR is not all bad

igorI am developing a habit of watching all animated movies that are getting released. I stumbled into this movie IGOR. It is set in a fictional land called “Malaria”. Its a land where everyone believes that, if you have to survive, you ought to be evil. Evil science is the most happening fields and Mad scientists are the celebrities. IGORs are hunchback monsters who are by default enrolled as lab assistants to these Mad Scientists. Our IGOR is slightly different from the rest. He can think rationally and he is intelligent. He has an ambition. He wants to become an evil scientist one day. Once while preparing for the annual mad scientists show, his master is toasted in his own invention and our IGOR gets a chance to try out his invention. He sets to invent life. Along with his friends, he creates a monstrous female Frankenstein. His invention would get him the fame, only if its evil. Unfortunately, the monster female is not quite an evil monster. She can’t hurt even a fly. Instead she assumes that she is an actress. IGOR tries a lot to make her evil, but she refuses to budge in. Finally IGOR decides to play along. He tells her that there is going to be an audition for a role in a play and she have to play evil in that. Eva, the monster believes him and they rehearse for the role. But another mad scientist steal Eva and claims her to be his creation. He activates the evil bone in her and Eva turns Evil.

Finally, IGOR rescues her and tells her that, we are all born with evil bone, but some of us decides not to activate it and that, We need not be evil to survive. Things fall in place and the curtains fall. The message was very clear and much relevant to the current state of affairs.

Though the movie had no great story, animation or any competitive marketing, the message was delivered.

gRate: 3/5

gAdvice: Get a copy at home and watch it along with the next generation and explain the message to them.

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