The Season is Open.. again…

I like animated movies and who doesn’t. Everyone likes to watch a light storyline combined with lively cast, neat animation and intelligent filming. Open Season was one such movie. It was about a domesticated Grizzly bear that is de-domesticated one fine day and his voyage to find friends and a life in the wild. Open Season 2’s storyline has nothing to do with the first part. Its fresh, new and exciting.

Well, now our bear Boog is back in the wild and having a good time with Elliot and other wild animals. Elliot has fallen in love with Gizzlle and they are about to get married. Just before the marriage, Mr Wheeny, another de-domesticated dog gets lost and is found by his owners. Elliot, breaks the marriage and runs to get Mr Wheeny. Joined by Boog, Gizelle and the rest of the gang, they set on a trip to seek and rescue Mr Tweeny.

I expected the movie to be an average one with occasional humours. But I was surprised and I enjoyed the whole movie. Just the starting few minutes was tough to sit on, but once the movie starts rolling, it becomes intersting. The animation is not a 3rd generation out of the box stuff. But it does the job for you, and that is all that matters. The voice casting was brilliant. Funny lines, figurative speech and excellant timing does good to Open Season 2.

gAdvice : Watch it and you will not regret
gRate : 2.5/5

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