Simple guide to Install Oxygen OS on Oneplus One

Ever since it has been announced, the Oxygen OS became the most awaited ROM of the year. It is here finally and I have installed it in my Oneplus one. Here is an easy guide for you to install the Oxygen OS in your Oneplus.

Download the required files

  1. Bacon root Toolkit
  2. Oxygen OS flashable zip file

That’s it. That is all you need to get the process started. But make sure you have all the required USB drivers installed in your computer.


  • All your data will be wiped clean. Make sure you have a backup.
  • This process is mostly safe and somehow you manage to end up with a bricked device, I hold no responsibility.
  • Rooting your Oneplus will not void warranty. However if you brick your device in this process, you loose warranty.

If that disclaimer scares you, I also say that I have rooted and installed ROM in many device and in my experience, I have never bricked any mobile. Just make sure you have enough battery in your mobile before you begin the process. Now lets get started.


Step 1: Install the Bacon root toolkit in your computer.

Step 2: During installation it will prompt to download the modified image files and custom recovery image. Just follow the instructions. It is very simple.

Step 3: Back up your mobile. This is very important. The next step will loose all your data and wipe clean your mobile.

Step 4: In the bacon root toolkit. Click on “Unlock” button. It will reboot your device, check for ADB and Fastboot. If everything is fine, it will unlock the boot loader. If your device is not detected, make sure you install the right drivers. Now you have lost all your data and will reboot the mobile.

Step 5: Below the “Root” button, there is check box to include custom recovery. Check it and click the root button. Now your mobile will be rebooted and the TWRP will be flashed. Following this the application will automatically push the root program and you are now rooted.

Step 6: Copy the Oxygen OS ROM into any folder in the mobile storage. Make sure you copy the file which says

Step 7: Shut down the mobile. Press the volume down and power button to get into the TWRP Custom recovery.

Step 8: Backup your stock ROM, through the on screen option in TWRP.

Step 9: Now wipe the mobile. This is important, else you will be in endless boot cycles.

Step 10: Click “Install” and choose the Oxygen OS rom you copied in step 6. It will flash the ROM and you are done.

That is as simple as it can get. If you are lost just leave a comment and ill help you out. Also check out my video below to watch me walk you through the steps.


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