The best deals on Mobile in Flipkart today – #bigBillionDay

The Flipkart Billion day sale has bought itself quite a lot of attention today. From geeks to housewives everyone are talking about this. Many are pointing out that Flipkart is hiking up the price and then reducing it, in the name of offers. Also Flipkart is giving out certain steal deals and then those products go out of stock even before you click the buy button. Well, you must understand one thing. As long as you know what you are buying and you are aware of its price, nobody can cheat you. Flipkart is not a charity organization. They do have some tricks up the sleeve to keep them afloat in this highly competitive market. There is nothing wrong or unethical about their sale today. Brick and Mortar stores have been employing such tactics since ages. So from all these deals, let me pick up some good deals in mobiles, that might be worth while to explore

The sweetest deal of all – Nokia Lumia 1020 – Rs 13000

At launch this mobile was priced at Rs 50000. It has got the best camera among all the mobiles on planet earth. Recently its price was slashed to Rs 28000. While even that was considered a sweet deal, Flipkart #bigbillionday saw this mobile being sold at a price as low as Rs 13000. While that deal lasted for a few minutes, it was lingering at Rs 19990 for quite a long period. Check out my review on the Lumia 1020

Moto G – Second Generation – Exchange offer

The Moto G first generation was a prime reason for the Motorola’s comeback in the market. Riding on that success the Moto G was slightly upgraded and was named the Moto G 2nd Generation. Exchange offer was available on this mobile from Rs 2000 to Rs 4000. A solid mobile for Rs 10999 or 8999 is definitely a sweet deal

Moto E – Rs 5499

While the Redmi 1S gave this device a tough competition, the Moto E still remains one of the favorite mobile for people who seek value for money and decent beginners smart phone. Read my review here.

Moto X – Rs 17999

This device single handedly saved Motorola from being drowned. It was the cheapest high end smart phone available across the globe. While it didnt garner much of an interest in India, due to its pricing and non-availability of Moto Maker, the Moto X first generation priced at Rs 18k, is definitely a good deal. The second generation Moto X also has exchange offers that will save you upto Rs 8000.

Nexus 7 – 32GB Wifi model for Rs 15999

While the 32GB Wifi model is being sold at Rs 24k in the play store, it was available at much lower price across other sites. But the #bigBillionDay saw the price dip upto Rs 15999. Even though now the price has gone up to 16999, it is still a better deal for this awesome tablet.

Nexus 5 – Rs 29999 

The Nexus 5 also saw a price drop from Rs 33k to Rs 30k. Though is an old model right now, it still remains a top performing device across benchmark testing charts.

Nokia Lumia 520 – Rs 5599

The world’s top selling windows smart phone may be more than a year old, but it is still selling and now you can buy it off Flipkart for Rs 5599. While it is not the lowest price we have seen for this device, it is the best you can get right now.

As I spot better deals in flipkart, I will be updating this page. Do come back for more.




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