The Nokia X lineup will no longer be an Android variant

Initially when there were rumors of Nokia working on Android mobiles, nobody believed. Then came a surprise launch of 3 Nokia X devices all based on a forked version of Android. I knew that Nokia “X” stands for experiment and I never had any hope for the lineup to sustain. But with the launch of the second wave, Nokia X2, there was a glimmer of hope. I even started dreaming about a Nokia X mobile with pureview camera and Lumia design. Now that the final judgement has been worded out by Microsoft. The Nokia X series will no longer run on Android in the future. If at all the series survive, it will run on the Windows Phone platform. This news came along with the news that Microsoft is axing 18k jobs next year and of which 12.5 will be due to the Nokia acquisition. While this move is no surprise among the people in business and technology circuit, it sure is a sad news.


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