Xiaomi MI Powerbanks are finally here


Ever since its launch the Xiaomi’s MI Power Bank has acquired quite a number of fans around the world. During the launch event, announcing the entry of Xiaomi in India, a number of products were showcased. But the MI Power Bank caught the attention from most of us. The reason is simple, Power and Bank: for the power storage it is offering, it doesn’t pinch you too hard on your bank account.  It has got a massive power storage and it is very cheap, compared to other options available.

There were various speculations on its pricing and availability. In fact, there were numerous fake MI Power banks available out there. Finally, it is available officially through Flipkart.

The 10200 mAh MI Power Bank is available for Rs 999 and the 5200 mAh MI Power Bank is priced at Rs 799. They are available for pre-ordering and will start shipping during the last week of August. There is no registration or flash sale happening on the xiaomi MI power bank. You can order is right away, if in stock.

Caution: eBay sellers and other retailers were selling the MI Power Bank at a price higher than this and though they were throwing in a free silicon sleeve, originality could not be confirmed, until purchased.


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