Google maps for Mobiles gets Street View

The guys at Google are on constant roll. They are always innovating something or the other. Now their Maps application for Symbian and Windows mobile has got a drastic upgradation. Earlier iPhone, Android and Blackberry were the lucky ones to have Streetview. Now its in Symbian as well. As you search for a place or directions in the map, you can switch to streetview to get a real life feel of the street and navigate along. Before visiting any area, you can just check how the place looks like. But this service is not yet available forIndia and many other countries. But soon Google will be photographing our streets and bring streetview worldwide. This application is quite data intensive. So with the weak GPRS connection and absence of 3G service, Streetview will not be missed in India for a while. I just experience it via my WiFi at home just for fun. But the actual potential will be realized when there is a high speed connection at the streets. Point your mobile browser to and get it.

Here are some screenshots from my N95 8Gig’s Google Streetview Maps.


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