Ricoh brings Theta S to India

Ricoh, the Japanese office equipments and electronics manufacturing giant has introduced the Theta S in India. The Theta S is a 360 degree camera and it was announced earlier this year at IFA. Theta S is a successor to the Theta M15, which never made it to India. The Theta S has two lenses on each side and each can capture 180 degree image (photo and video). Internally the images are stitched to give a 360 degree view. The Theta S can shoot full HD videos at 30 fps and can capture 14 MP stil images. The lenses have an aperture of f/2.0. It has two sensors for each lens and they measure 1/2.3 inch in size. It has an internal storage of 8 GB.


The Theta S does not have a display. It tethers to a smartphone via WiFi and the Theta app in the mobile controls the device. Theta app is available for Android and iOS mobiles. The app give you control over shutter speed, white balance and ISO. I can’t think of a practical day to day usage for this device. However online platforms are expanding their support of 360 degree images. The Google cardboard is the first thing that comes to my mind. Also Google has expressed its interest in the Ricoh Theta and they want people to use it and contribute to the Google Maps. Facebook has also recently extended support for 360 degree imagery.

Birthday Party in Japan – Spherical Image – RICOH THETA

The Ricoh Theta S will be available in India from December 2015 and will be priced, starting fro Rs 39995. It is definitely expensive, but I am just imagining plugging the Theta S to a drone and capturing the world from above.

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