The questionable Nokia N97

Nokia launched its so-called flagship mobile computing device today: The Nokia N97. The very first sight of promotion picture did excite me, but as I went down the specs, the excitement faded away. The device is said to have 32GB of onboard memory and expandable upto 48GB by adding memory card. You can have 70 movies each 700mb in size in 48 GB. Though it has 3.5Inch screen, watching movie is not an exciting option in a mobile. The 5 megapixel camera is again not an innovation. With a 5MP camera, we can produce approximately 25,000 photos in the 48 GB. 8MP camera being current trend in mobile industry, why still stay with 5MP. So, I guess, unless you have 10,000 songs to listen to, 48 GB is not needed by any average mobile user (Trend projected: Atleast next 2 years).

When the whole world of mobile users agree on a single fact that the xenon flash with Nokia N82 was a great feature, why doesn’t Nokia listen to it? Dual LED flash is the most they could put onboard the N97. This is a great let down. The phone is bulky, maybe because of the punch-in QWERTY keyboard. I expected something thinner and smaller. They claim the battery can run for 1.5 days playing music all the while. But what if I use camera, movies, music, GPRS and telephony? How long will it last? Again one day?

Apart from these, they have retained most of the N Series’ features. The 150g phone has no great innovation or improvement. Even the accelerometer based menu navigation is missing. A flag-ship phone is something which has to be an innovation and not necessarily a market safe accessory.

What I expected from N97: Thinner than the iPhone’s Slim form factor + 5800’s tactile touchscreen + Sony Ericsson C905’s 8MP camera + N82’s xenon flash

What the real N97 is: 30% thicker iPhone + 5800’s tactile touchscreen + N95’s camera + N85’s dual LED

Though the looks are awesome, this one fails to excite me considering the gravity of hype that was created around its launch.

Pictures courtesy: Engadget

Full specifications on N97 at GSMarena.

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