How I lost and found a mobile

If you are reading this post, hoping to figure out a way to find a lost mobile, you are in for a disappointment. I recently lost my mobile and this is a story of how my mobile found its way back to me.

My wife was using my Lumia 1020 temporarily for a few days. She didn’t setup any password to lock it. For some medical reasons, my wife had to visit a clinic nearby, frequently. She usually gives the mobile to me and I wait outside. On this particular day, I went to get medicines and she took the mobile with her. When she came out, there was a power cut. After a few seconds the generator kicked in and the power was restored. My wife realized that she had forgotten the mobile at the doctor’s office. While she was running to retrieve it, I dialled my wife’s number and to our dismay it was switched off. I realized that we have been robbed. We searched all over the place in vain. The nurse who was attending to her told us that many people came there after her and it could have been anyone. Now this nurse is the important character in the story. So let’s name her “Cat woman”. When we checked with the management, they threw up their arms quoting their notices which says management is not responsible for personal belongings. Also the CCTV was just a scarecrow.


I logged into website and tried to trace the mobile. But as the mobile has been switched off, it was not useful. Also my wife does not have an active data plan. So dead end there. I called up the airtel customer care to see if they can help locating the mobile. But all they could do was to block my sim card. Then I ran immediately to the police station and with little Kannada I knew, managed to file a report and get an acknowledgement. Police told me to come back in 10 days and they would block my mobile using IMEI number.

The days that followed was really stressful. Nobody smiled at home and it was like hell. We had to continue our visits to the hospital everyday and this Cat woman used to be very nice to my wife and started asking questions that triggered my suspicion on  her. She inquired if a complaint has been filed. She asked if my wife questions like: Did I get her a new mobile? Did I scold her? She was really fishy. I bluffed to her that IMEI number will be used to track the culprit. I noticed her body language and saw that she got a bit tensed. Then from that day on she never attended to my wife. Everyone in the hospital was courteous to us and empathized our loss. But the Cat woman was really fishy. 10 days passed and nothing happened. She came to my wife and again started enquiring. She told “what can you do about it?” in a very sympathetic tone. You could sense my wife’s blood boiling.

Yes, we could do nothing. I had lost all hopes. I never went to the police station again. But somewhere in a corner, my wife has hopes. She was planning to confront the nurse once the treatment is over. But before that, a miracle happened.

I got a call from the hospital manager. Let’s call him “The Dark Knight”. He mentioned that he had seen an expensive mobile with one of the hospital staff and wanted to check if it was mine. I gave him the IMEI number. The next day he told me that he had to sneak his way to the lady’s handbag and check the IMEI number but the mobile was locked. I confirmed that it was a Lumia 1020. After this he had reported it to the hospital management and they inquired her and found that the IMEI number matched mine. The mobile was confiscated.

Then the managing director called me and handed over the mobile. He spun a story that someone had dropped the mobile near the gate and ran away. Frankly I didn’t care. I thanked “The Dark Knight” and ran home happily with my mobile. I also came to know that there was a Little Robin to help him with the detective works.

Not everyone who had lost a mobile would get lucky like me. Though I am happy that I got back the mobile, I feel a bit let down. Technology, service provider and police could not help locate a lost mobile.

When the power is off, no mobile can be tracked. Service providers won’t trace the mobile. Police got the IMEI details but never bothered to lock it. Ultimately we are on our own. I learnt the lesson, the hard way.

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