Tata #HexaExperience at Bangalore

Tata Hexa is all set to roar on the Indian roads from January 2017. Tata has put in a lot of efforts to come up with a world-class automobile. Gone are the days when any consumer product is compared with specifications. It is the era of “Experience”. Only the products with the best experience will see the light at the other side of the Tunnel. Probably Tata Hexa is the first product in the automobile sector to realize this. Test driving a Tata Hexa is dubbed #HexaExperience. Tata is selling an experience more than a car.

Earlier this year, I was fortunate to test drive the Tata Hexa on a special track set up in Hyderabad. But that event was open to the media and bloggers only. This christmas, Tata setup experience centers across the nation to get the #HexaExperience to everyone. I attended the Bangalore Tata #Experience drive.

I did not want to miss the opportunity to drive the Hexa once again and I got myself registered for the event, through IndiBlogger. It was a three-day event and I was able to attend it on 25th. I went with my family and I had an hidden agenda. I am looking to buy a car and most of my family members are fixed on Brezza. I have experience the Hexa and I wanted my family to experience it as well, so that it would be easy for me to convince them. The price of the Hexa is not yet known and my decision is now pending on that factor.

Why am I excited?

So what got me excited about the Tata Hexa? Tata has an impressive track record with SUVs in India. The only slip which they had, was the Aria. Now the Hexa is built on top of the Aria framework, but has borrowed a lot of engineering and design from Landrover.

Hexa has an impressive design with bold road presence. The front has a majestic design and Tata calls it Impact design. The Hexa is here to make an everlasting impact on the SUV segment in India. It has a powerful 2.2 litre Varicor 400 engine with manual and automatic transmission variants. The engine delivers 156 PS power and can give 400 Nm torque. The manual transmission variants get 4 driving modes: Auto, Comfort, Dynamic and Rough Road. Auto and Rough Road modes engages four-wheel drive. Rough road delivers more torque.

The Hexa also has Hill Descent control and Hill Hold for safe drive in hilly terrains. It has 6 Airbags. The Electronic Stability program (ESP) provides stable drive and the ABS + EBD gives effective break power as needed. The car has great interiors as well. It has the state of the art infotainment system with touch screen navigation and mood light controls over mobile app.

The #HexaExperience Setup

The event was setup at the White Orchids ground, in Nagavara, Bangalore. Registration process was simple and after signed with declaration forms, we started exploring the setup.

Tata had many stalls. Chroma has put up a section with all their latest products on showcase. Titan has a setup with a gaming system and their watches. They had also setup kids play area. There was a dog adoption drive as well.

Pizzas, kaati rolls and doughnut were available at the food stalls. Tata Tea had a stall serving hot beverages to everyone for free. Live music was also there for entertaining the visitors.

They had the might Hexa in display. Also there was a section to showcase the Hexa app, which can be downloaded from iOS and Play store.

I got myself enrolled for the off-road experience as well. The setup was quite elaborate. They had made an arena to showcase every single aspect of the car. Ground clearance, hill hold, hill assist, ESP, water wading, rough road and much more was in the setup to give everyone a perfect experience.

I spoke to a few visitors and they were all impressed with the car. It is clear that the Indian consumers are looking for a better experience than any other factors. Ofcourse price is still a major deciding factor. But Tata has done a lot for the Hexa and I am sure they will price it competitively. Untill the official figures are out, I have stalled my decision. Hoping to have a #HexaExperience for myself.

Check out the off-road setup and my thoughts on the video below

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