I follow a Lean UX design strategy in all my design processes. My focus is on the design phase of the software development process to enable the design process to be applied to all aspects of the development life cycle. Combining the principles of Lean and Agile UX methodologies, I continuously test and iterate product design. To me, UX design is not a tool, but a thought process. My designs are focussed on converting that thought process to products or features. 

Design Process

End to End Product design – EDC @ Informatica

At Informatica, Enterprise Data Catalog (EDC) is a brainchild of my UX design. In the capacity of UX designer, I was the one-man team in designing EDC from scratch to what is now today.

EDC is an on-premise product to classify and organize data assets from various sources. EDC leverages AI AI-powered domain discovery, data similarity, business term associations, and recommendations. I was instrumental in designing the search and discovery of data assets. For over 5 years, I worked on EDC’s Data lineage to improve the design and address various problems like usability, scalability, and performance. EDC has a mature UI for data enrichment and collaboration features like certifications, ratings and reviews, and a Q&A platform. It was fun to work with industry experts and understand their requirements to design lineage and collaboration features in EDC.

EDC User research workshop at Informatica world 2018

The UX design tools employed in the design process for EDC

  • Formulating UI Standards and UX patterns
  • Task Analysis
  • Mind mapping
  • User research and Testing
  • Low/Hi-Fi Prototyping
  • Persona Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Interface architecture strategy and navigation solutions
Competitor Analysis

Search is the key feature of EDC. I started out with an existing design from another product within Informatica and improved it to adopt it for EDC use-cases. We did extensive user testing to understand the requirement and improved the design and added differentiating features with every release.

User research snapshot

I never hesitated to try out new designs and patterns to improve the user experience. Above is a version of the design with preset filters as tabs.

Details page or the 360 page is the most complex design in EDC. EDC supports over 100 types of assets and the design has to be scalable and consistent for all these asset types.

The asset details page has the ability to edit properties and enrich the asset with additional details. Here is an edit flow as part of the CRUD operations design for asset details page.

Data Lineage is one of my favorite parts of my design journey at Informatica. This is an award-winning design that I am very proud of. I designed the Data lineage for EDC from ground zero and kept of improving the features and user experience with every release for about 5 years. The screens you see below are snapshots of the evolution

The designs are conceptualized and tested in small sprints and integrated with the larger story and again tested for functionality, usability, and consistency. Testing is an integral part of my design process. Though Testing is a process on its own, my design process includes testing at every level of the process to ensure the validity of the process at every step.

EIC Presence

Presence is a Chrome plugin to integrate Informatica Enterprise Information Catalog with Tableau.

Disclaimer: The images and wireframes here can be used only for reviewing my portfolio. They may not be commercially or non-commercially utilized for any other purpose. The Product, flow, and core idea are owned and copyright patented by/to the clients.

Other UX Projects

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Latest UX work an be shared on request. Please mailme@giridhar.co.in to request.

Last updated Jan 2019